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BIOFRUITNET , Boosting Innovation in Organic FRUIT production through strong knowledge NETworks (11/2019 - 10/2022)


The aim of the project is focusing on organic pome, stone and citrus fruits, this projects aims to strengthen the competitiveness of European organic fruit production by:

  1. Collecting and synthesizing existing practical and scientific knowledge on organic fruit-growing to distribute it widely among the EU countries through easy formats like e-learning, podcasts, videos and short articles.
  2. Strengthening the established networks in organic fruit growing and establish links between them to create strong networks of organic fruit producers and stakeholders with a good flow of information.

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SCHULTER Marko, (International farmers association NATURLAND - VERBAND FUR OKOLOGISCHEN LANDBAU EV.)

VAVRA Radek, Ing. Ph.D (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

Conservation and breeding potential of native fruits in the Czech Republic and Norway
(2015 - 2017)


Crop wild relatives and landraces of small fruit species are assessed for their threat in wild habitats and conservation needs. Native and naturalised species of Czech and Norwegian flora (Sorbus sudetica, Ribes rubrum, R. petraeum, R. nigrum, R. spicatum, Grossularia uva crispa, Hippophae rhamnoides, Lonicera coerulea, Rubus chamaemorus, R. idaeus) will be revised in native sites, characterized morphologically, chemically and genetically in order to analyse their diversity, population divergence/similarity and potential for use in crop breeding. Critically endangered glacial relic in Czech flora Rubus chamaemorus will be genetically compared with the nearest Norwegian vicariant. Individual plants with a higher fruit performance or other characters of interest will be evaluated for properties useful for breeding and as healthy food. Landraces still occurring in landscape will be checked and mapped, and characterized similarly. The need for conservation actions in situ and ex situ will be assessed.


PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

EU.CHERRY, Collaborative action for updating, documenting and communicating the cherry patrimonial richness in EU
(2016 - 2017)


EU.CHERRY project aims to develop the following actions:


Action_1. Increase the quality of data on sweet cherry accessions in the EPDB.

Partners will agree a list of morphological descriptors to prioritize the accessions in their collection;

  • re-assess the ECPGR SSR marker-set
  • candidate 10-15 accessions each, most original from their country, and provide leaves for genetic characterization;
  • compile the datasheet prepared

COST members will also provide passport data and leaves of valuable cherry landraces from their country.


Action_2. Contribute to the establishment AEGIS Prunus collection

  • The procedure being developed in PRUNDOC aims to establish criteria for acceptance of candidate accessions to the Prunus AEGIS collection and will be applied for validation on EU.CHERRY accessions.
  • Accessions fulfilling criteria for acceptance will be flagged as candidates for inclusion in AEGIS.


Action_3. Establish better links between EPDB and EURISCO.

  • EPDB and EURISCO curators will interact to define relevant propositions for future interoperability between the two DBs;
  • EPDB manager will ensure coherence between the two DBs in relation to EU.CHERRY accessions and check coherence of other Prunus accessions;
EPDB manager will prepare a data-sheet template that partners will compile with EU.CHERRY accessions passport data. Partners will forward to their National Focal Point for uploading into EURISCO.

PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)