Department of Genebanks

Ing. František Paprštein, CSc., Ing. Jiří Sedlák

Participation in the project ‘National preservation programme and usage of the gene bank of plants in the CR” for fruit plants with the exception warm requiring species.

Main Objectives

  • Long time preservation of all collected varieties of fruit plants in field collections for the needs of future generations
  • Introduction of foreign cultivars with the target to provide breeding programmes with suitable genotypes of precious quality (resistance to diseases, pests and unfavourable environmental conditions, pollen sterility, fruit quality, etc.)
  • Evaluation of important economic properties, update of computer database
  • Active searching for important local varieties in the CR and their inclusion in the preserved gene bank
  • Research of new biotechnological methods for preserving the gene bank – kryo preservation

Current situation of the collections

Crop plant Number of items
Gooseberry 51
Cranberry 1
Pear 153
Apple 1 081
Strawberry 70
Rowan 22
Highbush blueberry 28
Fen berry 6
Hasel 21
Raspberry 56
Blackberry 5
White currant 9
Black currant 28
Red currant 13
Plum trees 256
Sweet cherry 326
Sour cherry 108
Walnut 18
In total 2 252