Plant Protection Department

Research of Integrated Protection of Fruit Crop Plants


                                Ing. Jana Kloutvorová          Ing. Michal Skalský



                      Ing. Miroslav Lánský           Ing. Pavlína Jaklová

  • Monitoring of conditions of occurrence of the infection by apple scab, brown rot of sweet cherries and apricots, leaf spot of sweet cherries, browning of apricot leaves using modern signalling technology
  • Elimination of the sources of the infection of apple scab, leaf spot of sweet cherries, browning of apricot leaves
  • Monitoring of resistance of Venturia inaequalis against organic fungicides
  • Effectiveness tests of new fungicides against fungal diseases and monitoring of the influence of the climatic conditions on their effectiveness in the time of their application
  • Observation of the apple scab resistant varieties in the systems of biological fruit growing
  • Testing non-traditional (non pesticide) substances for protection against fungal diseases and pests
  • Detecting optimum application technology of selective zoocides, determining optimum doses per hectare and times of application
  • Monitoring flight activity and the occurrence of pests of fruit trees
  • Development of distance methods of the real necessity of treatment against a disease or a pest, determining optimum timing and pesticide dose per hectare


Integrated Production of Apples Grown for the Production of Children Food

(Ing. M. Lánský, Ing. J. Kloutvorová)


  • Studying the pesticide residues in apples in systems of various pesticide treatment
  • Studying the motion of pesticide residues in apples in various storage systems
  • Testing the resistant apple varieties against scab and their suitability for production of children’s food

Further activities

  • Registration experiments of new pesticides
  • Monitoring service and consultancy for pomologists from Eastern Bohemia
  • Consulting and supervisory activities in the Union for Integrated Systems of Fruit Growing (SISPO)

Virological research


                                Ing. Jana Suchá                      RNDr. Radek Čmejla, Ph.D.



      RNDr. Markéta Bohunická, Ph.D.          Mgr. Lucie Valentová

izolat.jpgThe virological research is focused on the most serious mosaic diseases of fruit trees (plum pox, prunus necrotic ring spot virus, prune dwarf virus, apple chlorotic leave spot virus in stone-fruit, latent viral diseases of apples, etc.) from the point of view of detection of viruses and also in vitro sanitation of parent material of the fruit trees and small fruit. The resulting collection of dultivars and rootstock of plums kept in technical isolation of the propagation facility of plums and clone planting of plums are serologically tested (ELISA) and preserved in non viral state or in the state tested on economically important viral diseases.

The plum pox resistance of the plum varieties is tested. In cooperation with stations of basic research the issues of viral and phytoplasmatic diseases of fruit crop are solved, as well as preserving the sources of viral and phytoplasmatic diseases for the purposes of diagnostics and research. Perspective scab resistant apple cultivars originating from Holovousy were sanitised and they have been retested.

  • deska.jpgStudies of occurrence of viral phytoplasmic and similar diseases in initial and prospective materials of fruit crops (pome-fruit, stone fruit, raspberry)
  • Sanitation and production of effective and healthy parent material of fruit species to order (on payment)
  • Testing and retesting of initial and parent material of fruit cultures kept in technical and natural isolates
  • Health state examination of the prospective cultivars and rootstock obtained from foreign countries