Department of Technologies

Evaluation of new rootstock (Ing. J. Náměstek, Ph.D.)

The influence of rootstock on growth, fertility, fruit quality and health state of the grafted cultivars of apples, pears and plums is monitored. Selection of suitable combinations rootstock - variety for establishment of new planting is the target of the research. Aside from the local assortment of apple rootstock, foreign prospective clones of the rootstock M 9 is also pursued. The research results show that there are significant differences among the clones of M 9 concerning their growth and fertility of the grafted cultivars. Bad affinity in quince (varieties Clappov's, Williams', Charneus, Highland)was detected. Vegetative rootstocks of weak and medium vigour are tested in rootstock experiments with plums. Combinations with St. Julien rootstock proves well. Tests of new French plum rootstock have not been finished yet.