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NPU 1, LO1608 - Research Pomological Centre (2016 - 2020)


The main objective of the project is to ensure overall research in the commodity of fruit in conformity with the world trends and to give the chance to development of competitiveness of Czech fruit growing in the scope of Europe. A related objective is to secure permanent sustainability of the new Centre called Research Institute of Pomology and its further development by the means of good quality research program, stabilised research team and purposefully used infrastructure both for the needs of research and various forms of cooperation with the application sector and partner research institutes. The project consists of 5 units (partial objectives) where in the form of partial activities individual themes are detailed.


DC 1 - The subject matter concerns research of suitable cryopreservation procedures as a tool for long time preservation of fruit crops and the research of suitable sanitation procedures., including the methods  of cryo – knife.


DC 2 - solves the research of genome and hybrid material preserved in VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o. utilising molecular methods in order to improve the breeding process.


DC 3 – the subject matter is research protection methods of pome and stone fruit against harmful organisms in the area of integrated production.


DC 4 – is focused on research of plantation management interventions in production planting and in establishment of propagation material.


DC 5 - The subject matter of solution research of factors with impact on prolonging the storage life of fruit including the research of internal quality of fruit and selected procedures of fruit processing.


PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

RO1515 - Efficient production of pome fruit aimed at high quality of fruits


The main aim of the project is to ensure complex research of pome fruit and development of VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o. as a research organization.


Research objectives:

Research of different apple and pear cultivars in different climatic conditions of the Czech Republic.

Optimization of plantation management and plant protection techniques in pome fruit plantations.

Optimization of in vitro micropropagation techniques to produce basic plant material for sanitation.

Research of biotechnological methods for sanitation and recovery of pome fruit from viral diseases.


PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

Research of sweet cherry germplasm by molecular-genetic methods
(2015 - 2018)


The aim of the project is characterization of present sweet cherry genetic resources by molecular-genetic methods with aim to find genetic relationships, to eliminate duplications, to map a variability of S-locus and to provide a collection with the largest range of variability and minimum of preserved entries.

PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

Patzak Josef

(Chmelařský institut s.r.o.)

Vondráček Pavel

National program of conservation and use of genetic plant resources and  agro-biodiversity (NP GZR)
(2012 - 2016)


In the Framework of 206553/2011-MZe- VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o. carries out activities needed for maintenance of fruit genetic resources. It concerns ex-situ and in-situ maintenance. Characterisation and evaluation is also included. Genetic resources should be provided for users in the Czech republic and abroad. The programme is in accordance with valid national regulations and with international agreements. Long term conservation of fruit genetic resources for future generations is practical output.


PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

The transfer of resistence from GM plum cultivar HoneySweet into the cv. Domácí velkoplodá, the evaluation of transgene and non-transgene resistence of plums to the Plum pox virus.


The objective of the project is very important research directed at obtaining of plum cultivars resistant to PPV with the quality and properties identical with cultivar Domácí velkoplodá. It means high quality, but resistant to PPV. The second aim is to verify non-transmissibility of PPV into selected plum cultivars resistant to PPV. The third aim is to continue in the research and evaluation of experimental orchard of GM plum HoneySweet. Parametres of main part of project will be achieved by crossing HoneySweet x Domácí velkoplodá. The first result will be high quality genotypes resistant to PPV with the non-transmissibility by aphids. These genotypes will be evaluated in the linked up project.


Burg Patrik, doc., Ing. Ph.D. (Mendelova univerzita v Brně)

PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)
Polák Jaroslav, doc. Ing., DrSc. (VÚRV v.v.i.)

Kareš Petr

Research and development of standard methodological procedures of sanitation of fruit woody species and grape-vine with the help of chemotherapy in vitro cultures for certification system of the health state of the planting material


The objective of the project is to work out original methods and methodological procedures of sanitation of cherry, peach, apricot and grape vine cultivars from viruses, phytoplasma, and quarantine pathogens with the help of chemotherapy. Based on repeated RT-PCR testing in at least two-year interval the result of sanitation of the fruit woody species and grape-vine will be verified. The obtained healthy plants will be integrated to the health state certification system of the virus free planting material. Within the project the phenotype stability of plants after sanitation process will be observed. The results will be verified in experiments with the sanitised plant material. At least 9 pathogen free cultivars of fruit trees and 3 cultivars of grapevines will be included into the system of certification of healthy status of planting material, as a material output of project.

POLÁK Jaroslav, Ing. CSc.
 (VÚRV Praha, v.v.i.)
PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc.
 (Mendelova univerzita v Brně)
EICHLER Václav, Ing.
POTŮČEK Radoslav, Ing.
 (SEMPRA Litoměřice s.r.o.)
PEŇÁZ Radek, Ing.
 (SEVA-FLORA s.r.o. Valtice)

Usage of biotechnological methods for raising effectiveness of testing the resistance of the pome-fruit to pathogens of bacterial fire blight Erwinia amylovora)



The objective of the project is raising the effectiveness of resistance level against bacterial fire-blight using biotechnological methods. Within the project apple and pear cultivars will be tested for resistance to bacteria Erwinia amylovora in vitro and in vivo. For the purposes of in vitro testing new methods of propagation of chosen pome-fruit varieties on firm agar media in monitorable laboratory conditions will be developed. Fire blight resistant cultivars will be recommended to the pome-fruit growers and nurserymen. Natural reaction of bacterial fire blight dependant on the soil-climatic factors in chosen regions will be monitored.

ŠILLEROVÁ Jana, Pharm.Dr.
 (VÚRV Praha, v.v.i.)
PAPRŠTEIN František, Ing. CSc. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)
POTŮČEK Radoslav, Ing.
 (SEMPRA Litoměřice s.r.o.)


Assessment of the factors influencing harmful phytoplasmas invading fruit trees and verifying effective means of their elimination


The project aims are obtaining valuable information that are necessary for the development of effective strategies suppressing of economically harmful phytoplasmas and optimize appropriate systems of direct and indirect protection against impact and spread of phytoplasmas that will be usable for planting of fruit trees orchards and propagations plantings in the Czech Republic.


Ing. Jana Suchá
(VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

Ing. Tomáš Nečas, Ph.D. (MENDELU Brno)

Doc Dr. Ing. Jaroslav Salava (VÚRV v.v.i.)

Tomáš Letocha (Ökoplant international s.r.o.)

The introduction of appropriate procedures that minimize negative impacts on insect pollinators and other beneficial organisms in fruit production technology and the development of methods for increasing the efficiency of pollination

(01/2015 - 12/2018)


The main aims of the project are natural expansion of Buff-tailed Bumblebee populations of domestic origin to the Czech orchards; the risk assessment of neonicotinoids used to protect the fruit for studied pollinators in relation to degree of degradation/cumulation of these substances in the pollen harvest; and introduction of methods of the fruit protection, friendly to insect pollinators and other beneficial organisms, to the fruit production technology.

Related objective is the implementation of appropriate procedures for the use of insect pollinators in modern systems technology of integrated fruit production and increase certainty of pollination with special attention to planting using protective cover, nets or foils.


Ing. Jana Kloutvorová (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

doc. Ing. Aleš Horna CSc. (RADANAL s.r.o.)

Ing. Dalibor Titěra CSc. (Výzkumný ústav včelařský, s.r.o.)

Ing. Karel Vejražka Ph.D. (Zemědělský výzkum, spol. s r.o.)

Increasing of the effectiveness of apple trees protection against apple scab
(04/2015 - 12/2018)


The aim of this project is to improve the apple crop protection systems against apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) on the basis of new knowledge about the representation of susceptible and resistant populations of the pathogen, evaluation of the effectiveness of current commonly used fungicides and new or prospective fungicides and other substances and utilization of induction of defense reactions in plants


Ing. Jana Kloutvorová (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

RNDr. Kateřina Schwarzerová Ph.D. (Univerzita Karlova, Přírodovědecká fakulta)

Ing. Antonín Krobot (Malus s.r.o.)

Prof. Ing. Pavel Ryšánek CSc. (ČZU, Praha)

Research and utilization of advanced technology systems in organic and integrated strawberry production
(04/2016 - 12/2018)


Implementation of selected agro-technical measures in the technology integrated and organic strawberry production, including new procedures for extending the storage of fruits. Development of methodologies for strawberry protection against harmful organisms for environmental and integrated strawberry production systems. Selection of suitable strawberry varieties with higher resistance to diseases and good fruit quality with special emphasis on organic strawberry production systems. Obtaining of new knowledges about economically important viruses in the breeding material and production plantations (Fragaria ananassa), including the spread in wild growing host plants (F. vesca) in the vicinity of strawberry plantations.


Ing. Jana Kloutvorová (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

Bc. Milan Hanč (Jahodárna Vraňany)

Dr., Ing. Jana Fránová (Biologické centrum AV ČR, v. v. i.)

Innovation of the fruit tree nutrition monitoring and diagnostical methods for effective fertilizing in intensive orchards


The objective of this project is to deepen the knowledge in field of fruit trees fertilization and to offer new, precise technologies for the fruit growers according to the development strategy of Czech fruit growing. Particular objective is to validate new diagnostic methods for better analysis and interpretation of the plant chemical composition. Moreover to evaluate the environmental factors related to the uptake, utilization and remobilization of plant nutrients from the applied fertilizers. Further to analyze the physiology of the nutrient uptake and allocation within the fruit trees. Based on the new development to modify the current methods in fruit tree nutrition and evaluate their economics for the fruit growers.

MÉSZÁROS Martin, Ing., Ph.D.

(VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)
KUREŠOVÁ Gabriela, Ing., Ph.D.
 (Crop Research Institute, v.v.i.)
DIVOKÝ Libor, Ing.
 (Collective farm Bašnice)
MENŠÍK Ladislav, Ing.
 (AGROSPOL, country farm)

Extending the assortment of the pome-fruit and rootstock and the pear cultivars with new prospective rootstock and non-traditional Asian pear cultivars derived from Pyrus pyrifolia NAKAI. and Pyrus ussuriensis MAXIM


The general goal of the project is to offer the newest knowledge in the fruit and nursery production which is in accordance with the strategy of Czech fruit growing society. The aim of the project is to choose the appropriate Asian pear varieties and to develop the technologies for their production and storage. Project includes the evaluation of the fruit quality in relation to the shelf life in storage and their utilization for processing. Next aim is to evaluate the economical characteristics of new pear rootstocks and their possibilities for production of certified plant material according to EPPO certificates. Moreover to prove their tolerance to important pathogenic organisms.


NEČAS Tomáš, Ing., Ph.D.
 (Mendel University in Brno)
LAŇAR Luděk, Ing.
(VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

ŠILLEROVÁ Jana, Pharm.Dr.
 (Crop Research Institute, v.v.i.)
POTŮČEK Radoslav, Ing.
 (SEMPRA Litoměřice Ltd.)

Optimization of shaping and pruning systems of apples in integrated and ecological production with the consecutive usage of wooden biomass to energetic and grower purposes (2012-2016)


This project is aimed to propose suitable shaping system for medium and high stem apple trees in ecological production. In semi industrial trials to prove the best and most extended formative and maintenance pruning methods for low stem apple trees, with efficient use of wood biomass (for solid or fluid fuels) as the component of integrated fruit production. In next aim, the proving of nutritional quality of fruits from ecological vs. integrated fruit production is running. Next aim is the evaluation of the maintenance pruning techniques on yield and fruit quality within integrated system of apple growing. Moreover the project includes the optimization of renewal pruning techniques for slender spindle in integrated system of apple tree growing, evaluation of utility of a substrate after fungi cultures for strawberry plantings and for compost production. The last goal is the evaluation of the risk of phytopatogenic fungus presence in strawberries.


SUS Josef, Doc. Ing., CSc.
 (Czech University of Life Science Prague)
NÁMĚSTEK Jan, Ing., Ph.D.

 (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)
NOVOTNÝ David, RNDr. Ph.D.
 (Crop Research Institute, v.v.i.)
JABLONSKÝ Ivan, Ing., CSc.
 (Collective farm Dolany)

Innovation of the key technological methods in nursery production of young fruit trees


The Aim of this project is to find an effective method for branching support for reliable production of high quality fruit trees of type knipboom and ramified one-year-old scions in the nurseries. Further goal is to determine the best, save and effective method for the defoliation using different technologies and preparations. Testing of perspective herbicides for fruit tree nurseries and design their use. Evaluating of the supplemental substances on basis of brassinosteroids for decrease of stress of young fruit trees and to design suitable methods for minimizing of loses by their storing. At least to enhance the quality and economics of the nursery production according to the Europe standards.

NEČAS Tomáš, Ing., Ph.D.
 (Mendel University in Brno)
NÁMĚSTEK Jan, Ing., Ph.D.

 (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)
 (Ökoplant international Ltd.)

Solution of current problems of growing sweet cherries and sour cherries with market value of fruit aimed at environment friendly procedures (4/2012-12/2016)


The aim of the project is increasing of quality of the fresh market sweet and sour cherries and crop stabilization in commercial plantings in the Czech Republic comparison by actual stage and decreasing of losses caused by blossom and fruit damage by unfavourable climatic conditions and bad tree health stage. Objective results of evaluations from already established plantings by using inter-stems (affinity, crop, quality of fruits) will be gathered. Selection of suitable cultivars and rootstocks for new plantings with rain protection will be the important aim. New introduced cultivars will be classed with identical pollen compatibility groups that allow choosing suitable pollinators for practice. The verification of perspective biological and nonchemical methods in pest and disease control, evaluation of side effects of pesticides upon nature enemies and formulation of anti-resistant strategy in pest management will be included in project aims. In addition, content of mycotoxins in products from different plant protection regimes and possibilities of cherry shelf live extension will be observed.


VÁVRA Radek, Ing. Ph.D. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)
FALTA Vladan, Ing. Ph.D.
 (VÚRV Praha, v.v.i.)
BAGAR Martin, Ing. Ph.D.
 (Biocont Laboratory, spol. s r.o.)
SEDLÁK Petr, Ing. Ph.D.
 (ČZU v Praze)
 (Mendelova univerzita v Brně)
HORÁK Jaroslav, RNDr.
 (G M Chemie spol. s r.o.)

QJ1510354 Production and selection of apple cultivars with high content of human health benefit compositions and fruit prolonged storage (4/2015 – 12/2018)


Aims of proposed project are summarized into following points:

1. Diagnose fytochemicals content and alergenes in new perspective hybrids and cultivars, registration of at least one new apple cultivar with high content of composition with antioxidant activity and fruit prolonged storage.

2. Develop methods of qRT-PCR for detection of Mal d 1 isoalergens expression in fruits.

3. Detection of polyfenols in fruits and apple products, introduction of new methods of evaluation.

4. Preservation of content of human health benefit composition in apple storage and proceeding.

 VÁVRA Radek, Ing.  Ph.D. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

VEJL Pavel, doc. Dr. Ing. (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)

HORNA Aleš, doc. Ing., CSc. (RADANAL Ltd.)

PEČENÁ Jana, Ing. (Severofrukt)



QJ 1510351 Growing the high market quality species of stone and small fruits in covering systems minimizing biotic and abiotic factors  (4/2015 – 12/2018)


The aims of the project are as follows:

1. To evaluate the response of new cherry varieties to conditions under protecting covering

systems, registration of a new cherry variety

2. To optimize the fertilization in orchard under covering systems

3. The optimization of the pest and disease control in cherries under covering systems

4. Quantification of the influence of covering systems on the fruit quality

The suitability of new varieties for covering systems protecting crop against rains will be verified in the climatic conditions of the Czech Republic. The effect of covering system will be evaluated in terms of reducing spring frosts and increasing pollination. The attention will be paid to the pest and disease control as well as to the fertilization and soil care in the orchard under covering systems. In addition, the influence of systems on fruit quality and the returnability of investment will be calculated.

VÁVRA Radek, Ing.  Ph.D. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)
FALTA Vladan, Ing. Ph.D. (Crop research Institute)



LF15006 Introduction of high-quality cherry cultivars suitable for the European market


Aims of the project:

Selection of high-quality sweet and sour cherry cultivars with high content of ntioxydants (polyphenols, vitamin C, anthocyanins) suitable for the European market and their introduction in commercial production is the main goal of the project. Sweet cherries have been a popular fruit crop for consumption in Europe for many years and they are one of the most popular temperate fruit crops despite their relatively high price. Around 40% of world cherry production originates from Europe. Cherries in particular have been found to offer a good source of antioxidants. Recent attention on the health benefits of cherries helped boost their consumption. Only high intensive sweet cherry orchards give an opportunity for the growers to produce the sweet cherry on competitive cost level beside of big yield and high fruit quality. For increasing of the competitiveness of sweet cherry production upgraded new bred cultivars with very early or very late ripening time, high yield, good appearance, good flavor, large fruit size, resistant to rain induced cracking, resistant to diseases as well as innovative orchard systems with special regards to rootstocks, tree canopy, orchards spacing, irrigation and rain protection are absolutely necessary.

VÁVRA Radek, Ing.  Ph.D. (VŠÚO Holovousy s.r.o.)

HORNA Aleš, doc. Ing., CSc. (RADANAL Ltd.)