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Aleš Matějíček et al.:
Methodology of cultivation
of elderberry cultivars

The methodology focuses on the cultivation, evaluation and propagation of elderberry cultivars including composition of substances in fruit. In the end, suitable cultivars fpr growing, in the Czech Republic are recommended.

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Ivana Pištěková et al.:
Strawberry production
in organic growing systems

A technology of growing strawberries in organic farming systems is presented in the methodology. The methodology is aimed at selecting the most suitable varietes of strawberry, previous crop influence of supplementary plant products and biofungicides on the yield of single varietes. It contains evaluation of health condition and fruiting characteristics of varietes. Yield potencial of varietes and resistance to diseases were found in the most suitable varietes and technological processes for organic cultivation of strawberries were selected. The methodology for practice is a comprehensive guide for growing strawberries in organic production systems.

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Jan Blažek et al.:
Innovation of cultivation
and storage of new plum cultivars

The publication is intended firts of all plum growers, who grow this fruit for marketable purposes. Includes selections most suitable cultivars and rootstocks, that are briefly described. This choise includes confinement and on selection suitable localities. Important criterion cultivars choice is their suitability for long-term storage fruits. Described are procedures establishment new orchards modern type and their curing until phase entrance cropping. Mentioned are as well procedures harvest maturity determination and technique harvest. The final part is devoted to problems of long-term fruit storing.

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Fifty-five Years of Meteorological Observation in Holovousy (2010)

The publication builds on the publication “Forty Years of Meteorological Observation in Holovousy”, published in 1985.
The measured values are presented in 23 well-arranged charts supplemented by a short text characteristics and historical data from the already non existing climatological station in Hořice from the year 1922-1947 and station in Jičín from the years 1930-1954.


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Miroslav Lánský et al.:
Integrated Production of Apples Used for Production of Children’s Food (2009)

The publication presents the realization output of the project 1G46073 focused on production of secure ingredients for manufacture of baby and children’s food.

Specific treatment regime is necessary to meet very strict requirements concerning the content of residues of pesticides in the product. The unsuitable pesticides from the point of view of their unfavourable eco-toxicological qualities are excluded from these systems. At the same time the best timing for application of the pesticides is defined to ensure the degradation of residues below the limit of 0.01 mg/kg up to harvest time.

The methodology is designed not only for the children’s food apple growers but also for those who want to grow fruit with minimum residues.

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František Paprštein, Josef Patzak:
Fire Blight (Erwinia amylovora) in Pome-Fruit and Molecular Genetics (2007)

The methodology was realised within the project NAZV MZe CR QF 4041 – Studies of Fire Blight Resistance in Apple and Pear by the Means of Molecular Genetics. The objective of the methodology was to find suitable molecular markers of fire blight (erwinia amylovora) resistance for the breeding station and to characterize unsuitable genetic resources of resistance in apples (Malus domestica) and pears (Pyrus communis) for professional public and grower practice.

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Team of authors VŠÚO Holovousy Ltd.
nnovation of Fruit Crop Growing (2007)



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Team of authors VŠÚO Holovousy Ltd.
New Fruit Varieties (2007)





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Josef Kosina
Methodology of Thinning in Apples (2007)

The methodology is the realization output of the Research Intent MSM 2527112101 “Research of Fruit Quality and Effectiveness of Pome-fruit Growing”. The publication presents the procedures for reduction of fruit set of apples using hand and chemical thinning. The factors were defined that have the decisive influence on the effectiveness of thinning. Suitable preparation used to reduce the fruit set in the conditions of the Czech Republic are listed. The results of experiments with hand and chemical thinning of fruit set in RBIP Holovousy Ltd. are presented.


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Jan Blažek et al.
Methodology of Intensification of Older Apple Planting (2005)

Complex methodology of intensification of older apple planting is based on the synthesis of individual methodological procedures that were the subject of the partial outputs of the project MZe CR QD 0166. Each particular planting must be analysed as well as the reasons for its neglecting. This analysis should answer the question of profitability of the intensification.


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Jitka Blažková et al.
Growing Cherries on Weakly Growing Rootstock (2005)

The publication is the realization output of the project of MZe (Ministry of Agriculture) CR QD 1047 – Innovation of cultivation systems of cherries.


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